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Use Hand Sanitizer After Touching These 3 Things

By now, you probably know that you should use hand sanitizer after touching doorknobs, railings, or money. However, there might be a few more things to add to that list. See what three common items could also be transmitting germs. 


Restaurant Menus

You might not want to think about it, but restaurant menus carry quite a bit of bacteria. In fact, one study found that menus carry nearly 185,000 organisms. That’s a big risk to take every time you pick up a menu. Carrying some sanitizer on you when you’re dining out can help you lessen that risk. On the other hand, restaurant owners may want to take the initiative of putting sanitizer on every table.

Writing Tools

Writing Tools

These days, most people don’t carry a pen on them. With the popularity of mobile devices, people just don’t need them as often. However, when you borrow someone else’s a writing tool, you’re also borrowing their germs. Actually, it’s said that there are more germs on a pen than on a toilet seat. So, sanitizing after sharing a writing tool could stop the transfers of germs.

Hand Washing, Sink Faucet

Sink Handle

What’s the first thing you touch after washing your hands? If you said the sink handle, you’d be right. It might seem clean, but the sink handle can carry germs because it’s also the last thing you touch before washing your hands. Some folks have started to use their personal hand sanitizer after washing their hands in a public restroom or when using the restroom at a friend’s house.

Proceed with Caution

Using hand sanitizer after touching any of the items on this list can help heighten your defenses against illness. Don’t get stuck without a way to disinfect your hands. Carry some with you to be sure you can be germ-free anywhere, anytime.